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About Our Industry Specific Directory Service

Smartlistings is the newest product offered by YPC Media, a Rochester NY based media company serving clients nationwide.  YPC Media is an online marketing company focused on creating successful marketing strategies for small to medium sized businesses.

Smartlistings will get you Top Placement on Relevant Industry Specific Websites with Professionally Developed Content Included. Clients will dominate search results for their Products, Brands, Services and keywords relevant to their business and look great doing it! Our Network of websites make looking professional easy by featuring engaging visuals and SEO rich information benefiting the consumer and search engines!

We do all the thinking so YOU don’t have to!

Get Your Business Found!

    Top Placement on Relevant Industry Specific Websites We have developed a growing network of industry specific websites to capture a target audience and generate quality business. These websites are based on industry and purpose.

    Directory Sites

    These are sites featuring Ads and enhanced business listing information like Yellowpagecity.com, ylocal.com and agentsview.com.

    Quote Sites

    Sites like quotebaron.com to collect quality leads.

    Video Sites

    Sites designed to get more video views, like bizvid.com.

    Deal Sites

    Sites featuring quality coupons, Giving the consumer a reason to come back, like bizdeals.com.

    Review Sites

    Sites like yellowpagecity.com to collect more positive customer feedback.

    Link Sites

    Sites like rooferlinx.com that is just a link to your website.

    Like what you see? Get started today so that we can get your business found on the web.

    What it Comes With

    Promotional Video

    30 second photo montage style video with professional voice-over and background music.

    Display Ad

    Custom Digital Ad Designed by our team of designers to highlight a business’s Services, photos, business information and a call to action, while using existing branding such as logo and slogan!

    SEO Rich Profile Pages

    We will collect important business information such as; Products, Brands, Services and keywords to enhance business listings increasing relevancy in search results.

    Special Offer

    Quality offers or deals needed to engage and attract quality consumers.

    Our Networks

    Benefits If you would like to discuss the benefits more in depth, give us a call at 800-847-9760.

    Professionally Developed Content

    When your content is developed professionally, you create better user experience for your customer. They will know that they can trust you to take the same time and care with their needs as you did with your own.

    More Content = Better SEO

    More content will also help you rank better on search engines because search engines look for well developed content that gives a good user experience. The better your content, the better your rank.

    Be Found for more than just your name!

    Our directories are designed to allow local users to search by brand, services, products, and keywords. If you offer a certain brand or service – be found for it! Don’t rely on just your name and main service to get you found on the web.

    Action Specific Networks

    Our networks are unique in that they are action specific. If you give out quotes, you can be found on one of our quote directories by someone actually looking for a quote.